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Earthquake Insurance

from First West Insurance

California Earthquake Insurance Coverage

California residents purchase more earthquake insurance coverage than the residents of any other state in the United States. Most homeowners, condo and renters policies don’t cover damage caused by an earthquake.

When purchasing earthquake coverage you should be aware that the primary purpose of earthquake coverage is to put a roof back over your head. It won’t provide the broad coverage that other property polices have to replace everything you lost, but it will rebuild your home or pay for major structural damage that can occur in an earthquake. These policies carry a high deductible such as 10%,15% or 20% of your Dwelling coverage.

There are additional options to cover your personal property or to pay for the extra costs to live somewhere else while your home is being repaired after an earthquake.

Earthquake insurance is generally written on a separate policy and when written with the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) it is tied to your homeowners, condo or renters policy. We can also write separate earthquake policies with several A rated insurance carriers.

Contact us today to discuss prices and coverage options for California earthquake insurance.